The Aggregator

The aggregator is not supposed to be a definitive ranking but an insight into how the media perceive drivers, rather like a film or music review aggregator. It is supposed to be a reflection of journalist opinion across a driver’s whole career, not just the prime, which I think a lot of F1 driver rankings fail to consider. I began collating the data to create this aggregator in December 2013 and finished almost exactly a year later, which gives an idea of how thorough I have tried to be. Along with various top ten driver rankings from magazines, newspapers and motorsport annuals I have also included the world championship top ten in each yearly top ten as I believe it does have an effect on how drivers are perceived, and that is what I am trying to measure.

How it Works

I calculate the aggregator scores by taking the mean average of all major publication’s end of season top tens to create an overall top ten for every season. Then I assign points to each driver in that top ten from 50 down to 1 (if a driver does not appear in the top ten then he gets a 0). That becomes the driver’s ‘yearly score’ which is put into the aggregator. The aggregator calculates the mean average of the driver’s yearly scores and creates the driver’s overall score which is what is used in the ranking table.


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